Messages From The Masculine, Inspiring Your Feminine Heart


#1000 – Talking About Emotional Maturity. Stop Acting/Feeling Like A Love-Lorn Teenager! Grow Up!


#999 – This Might Be Why You Are Scared To Work With Me!


#998 – Why Real Self-Love Is The Real Work, And The Real Reward. Get Some!


#997 – Forgiveness Is The Best Revenge. Especially SELF-Forgiveness. Here’s Why!


#996 – Healing Is The Application Of Loving To The Parts Inside That Hurt. This Is Real Support!


#995 – Real Love Requires The Real You! Are You Ready To Be Real? Let’s Get Real!


#994 – You Get Out What You Put In. Equality In Relationship. Don’t Be Lazy!


#993 – Do You Take Care Of YourSelf? Really? Do You OverCare For Others?


#992 – In Relationship, Do You OverGive? Or Do You OverTake?


#991 – Do You Crave Connection? What’s Really Going On! How To Get Connected!


#990 – Do You Feel Loved? Why Being Single Is The Best Time To Explore This!


#989 – A Belief Is Just Thinking Persisted In! What Are You Thinking About Love & Relationship?


#988 – Happy Valentine’s Day! Let Yourself Be Surprised. Also, Be Prepared, Don’t be blindsided! Confused? I’ll Explain!


#987 – It’s Valentine’s Day Eve! How Are You Loving? Do You Have Plans?


#986 – An Invitation To Make Valentine’s Day A Celebration Of Being Single!


#985 – Do You Want A Partner Or A Project? Know When To Walk (Or Run) Away!


#984 – You Are Not Your Parents, You Don’t Have To Do Relationship Like Them. If You Take Ownership That Is!


#983 – If Only? Stop Trying To Change Your Partner To Suit You,It Really Is Up To Them!


#982 – Are You Driven By Goals & Rules Or By Desire & Choice?


#981 – Are You Afraid Of The Mirror? Afraid Of What You Might Really See? There’s Hope!


#980 – How Deep Are You? Dropping Superficiality Is A Good Start! Let’s Talk Dating Differently!


#979 – Let’s Talk About Integrity. Seems To Be A Rare Yet Much Needed Attribute!


#978 – It’s Time To Own Yourself! What Does That Mean? How Do You Do That?


#977 – Let’s Talk About The Super Bowl & Half-Time Show!


#976 – When It’s Better To Be Single Than In Relationship!


#975 – Love Is Different For Everyone, Which Makes Dating Interesting!


#974 – HOW Do You Love? What Filter Do You Love Through?


#973 – How Can You Give Others What You Don’t Give Yourself?


#972 – Do You Know What You Want? You May Be Missing The Mark. Here’s Why!


#971 – The Aftermath – How Do We Move On?


#970 – They Are Only Mistakes If You Don’t Learn From Them! What Do You Choose?


#969 – Dealing With Loss. It’s Never Easy. What Can You Do?


#968 – Letting Go, Moving On, Feeling It All. This Is Life!


#967 – How Disturbed Is Your Peace Right Now? Upset, Ticked Off? What To Do About It!


#966 – When Are You Going To Let Yourself Off The Hook And Love Fully Again? How About Now?


#965 – A Real Relationship is 100-100, Not 50-50. If You Give 50%, You Are Half In. Is That What You Want?


#964 – Don’t Try So Hard On That First Date! Pace Yourself!


#963 – A Deeper Look At Respect And Control In Relationship!


#962 – What Is A Healthy & Balanced Relationship?


#961 – Self-Love Is Way More Vital Than You May Think. Here Are A Few Ways!


#960 – Human Kindness Is Needed More & More. Do You Serve? How Can You Feel More Connected?


#959 – Make Self-Care Your Priority, Your Life Will Transform!


#958 – Valentine’s Day Is A Month Away, Don’t Let Anyone Paperclip You!


#957 – Two Weeks In, Here Is The Real Root Of “Resolutions” & Why They Don’t Work. Here’s What Does!


#956 – How Do You Rate Homes, Jobs, Life, Etc.? Do You Compare Plus v. Minus? What About Love?


#955 – “You Complete Me?” – How Romantic, NOT!!!


#954 – Smartphones And Dating – Do’s & Don’ts!


#953 – What Do You Really Want This Year? How Will You Get It?


#952 – Has The New Year Smell Faded? Feeling Underwhelmed? I Can Help!


#951 – How Did Your Resolutions Do This First Week Of The New Year?


#950 – Recycling May Be Good For The Planet, However Recycling Your Resolutions Isn’t. Here’s Why!


#949 – Still Pondering Those New Year Resolutions? I Have A Few Suggestions!


#948 – The Most Rewarding Relationship Of All!


#947 – Starting Your New Year Right, Key #4. 92% Of Resolutions Fail, You Don’t Have To, Though!


#946 – Your Third Key To An Amazing New Year! Are You Ready?


#945 – Another Key (#2) To An Amazing New Year!


#944 – Happy New Year! Celebration Is Over. Now What? How Do You Begin This New Year?


#943 – Signing Off & Saying Goodbye To This Past Year. How Are You Letting Go?


#942 – Do You Have Big Plans For Next Year? Do You Have Clarity & Support That’s Needed?


#941 – What’s On Your New Year’s Wish List (Resolution Or Intention)?


#940 – What Are You Grateful For This Past Year? This Is A Powerful Key To Free YourSelf For 2020!


#939 – How This Past Year Can Help You Have An Amazing New Year In 2020!


#938 – Happy Boxing Day! Christmas Is Over, New Year’s Eve Is Next. What Is Next For You?


#937 – Merry Merry! Love More, Enjoy More, Be More Generous, Receive More!


#936 – Happy Holidays, Merry Krimble, My Wish For You This Holiday. What Do You Wish?


#935 – Alone For The Holidays? It Doesn’t Have To Be A Sad Experience!


#934 – Happy Hanukkah! It’s A Reminder To Be And Bring The Light!


#933 – Regarding Upset, It’s Hard To Be In Balance When You Don’t Know How To Be Centered!


#932 – 2020 Is Approaching In Less Than Two Weeks! Are You Ready?


#931 – Do You Really Want Things To Change? Are You Comfortable With Change?


#930 – Are You Swayed By Other Egos? How To Tell, Why It Sucks, And What To Do Instead!


#929 – Are You Feeling Blocked In Life? Or Does Your Life Flow? Why You Want Your BFF! Part 3 of 3!


#928 – How Free Are You, Really? Where Are You Feeling Trapped? Part 2 of 3!


#927 – When The World Wobbles, How Balanced Are You? Part 1 of 3!


#926 – The Holidays Can Be A Merry Time. What To Do If They Are Not.


#925 – Balance, Freedom & Flow (for Fulfillment), Your New BFF! An Invitation To You, Heading Into 2020!


#924 – Get Real! It’s Time To Stop Pretending & Let Go Your Mask!


#923 – Ah Feelings! Do You Feel? Do You Cover Up? Do You Blow Up? Is There A Healthier Way?


#922 – Feeling The Stress Of The Season? Feeling Out Of Balance? How To Find Your Way And Thrive!


#921 – Love In 2020, More Of The Same? Or A Change For The Better?


#920 – A Spiritual Reminder – Don’t Be A Lampshade! You Are A Light, Don’t Throw Shade!


#919 -How Living In The Present Can Help You Heal & Release Your Past!


#918 – How Living In The Present Can Help You Design Your Future!


#917 – There’s No Time Like The Present! A Spiritual Practice Worth Doing, By Being!


#916 – Self-Love, The Least Egotistical Act You Can Do For Yourself!


#915 – Are You Too Independent For A Relationship? This Opposite Of Codependency Isn’t Better!


#914 – Do You Run Away From Your Relationship Problems? It Is A Race You‘ll Never Win!


#913 – “Is That All There Is?” 5 Words That Might Inspire Your Life And Your Relationship!


#912 – Did You Survive Thanksgiving Or Did You Thrive? Family, Relationship, Self-Support?


#911 – Don’t be as careless with someone else’s heart as you are with your own!


#910 – Happy Thanksgiving! Gratitude Is More Than One Day, And Not Just For The Good Stuff!


#909 – A Made Man Or An “Unmade Man”? Ladies, What’s Your Poison? A Better Choice For Love!


#908 – Apology Without Change Is Manipulation. How You Lose In Love (pre-Thanksgiving Guidance)!


#907 – How Do You Love When Things Go Sideways?


#906 – Ladies, You Declare “Kings Only!” Why Do You Keep Attracting Princes?


#905 – Untying The Knots Of Past Relationships – Bring A Knife (It’s A Metaphor)!


#904 – Do You Believe Things Get Worse Or Better? What Do You Tell Yourself? Let’s See How You Date!


#903 – What Do You Do When Your Date’s Online Persona Doesn’t Match IRL?


#902 – Breaking Up Around The Holidays. How To Deal.


#901 – Why Compromise For Your Partner? You (And They) Are Lowering Your Value!


#900 – Self-Love & Polarity? Master Both Skills And Thrive In All Your Relationships!


#899 – Sexual Harassment. If/When It Happens To You, What Will You Do? #sexualharassment #metoo #wtf


#898 – Ladies, Are You Receiving What You Don’t Want? Is Your Picker Out Of Alignment?


#897 – Why It’s So Important To Learn From Your Past Relationships!


#896 – Finish 2019 With Real Love, And Your 2020 Will Be Amazing!


#895 – Lady, You Don’t Need A Man – This Doesn’t Mean You Become One!


#894 – When You’re Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired, You’ll Change. Unless You Are A Crab!


#893 – How Committed Are You To Relationship?


#892 – The Holiday Season Is Stressful, However It Doesn’t Have To Be. Here’s How.


#891 – Do You Suffer From Spiritual Superiority? How To Tell, And What To Do!


#890 – Your Holiday Stress May Be Growing…I Have A Solution!


#889 – Dating Through The Holidays? It May Not Be A Hallmark Movie!


#888 – Love Is Work! Are You Ready To Do The Work?


#887 – A Krispy Kreme Story That Is A Reminder – Love Is Easy, When It Starts With You!


#886 – Do You Hide Your Truth To Protect It? Do You Trust Your Truth? It’s Time To Speak Your Truth!


#885 – Ladies, Don’t Fall For Him. Know What You Really Want, You Can Have It! (FB quit when I mentioned YouTube at the end, coincidence?!!)


#884 – A Personal Story, Why I Have Done Over 880 Facebook Lives, And What’s Next!


#883 – OK, Halloween Is Over, Are You Ready For The Holidays? Family? Stress? I Have A Cure!


#882 – The Perfect Man? Ladies, What is Your Perfect Relationship?


#881 – You Are A Powerful Strong Woman In Public, However Who Are You In Private?


#880 – Let’s Talk About Spiritual Superiority, The Truth Will Set You Free!


#879 – Self-Love Is The Key To All Your Relationships! For Many Reasons!


#878 – Who Or What Do You Serve? Motivation, Inspiration, Causation!


#877 – Gentlemen, How You Can Truly Respect And Serve Your Partner. Ladies, Listen Up Too!


#876 – Stay In Your Lane! A Massive Key To Partnership, Romance & Dating!


#875 – Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean – In Life And In Love!


#874 – Are You Supportable? Let’s Be Honest. Here Are (At Least) 3 Keys!


#873 – Do You Block Support? Do You Trust Enough To Risk Asking? Reflections From My Own Life!


#872 – What Are You Grateful For? What Can You Be Grateful For? Choice Is Powerful!


#871 – Let’s Talk About Generosity In Relationship – How Generous Are You? All Ways?


#870 – Dodging A Bullet – Wouldn’t It Be Great To See Those Red Flags Coming?


#869 – With All The Posts About Crushing This Last Quarter, Is Your Heart Ready For The Next Decade?


#868 – Do You Really Know What You Want? So Why Do You Settle For Less?


#867 – When You People-Please, You Ignore The Obvious. Stop Over-Giving!


#866 – Women In Power, Are You Dating Powerless Men? Here’s Why And What You Can Change!


#865 – Stop Making Up Stories, Especially In Your Relationship!


#864 – You Win At Whatever Game You’re Playing, Especially With Your Love-Life. Choose A Higher Game!


#863 – How Generous Are You? Maybe Not As Generous As You Thought?


#862 – Drop The Lies, Own Your Truth. Yes, You Can Handle The Truth!


#861 – Do You Speak The Truth Or Do You Speak Lies? Can You Handle The Truth?


#860 – Are You Spiraling Up Or Are You Spiraling Down? How Can You Tell?


#859 – When Men Hold Space, Women Can Relax. Or Not!


#858 – Ladies, Stop Leading With Your Dicks!


#857 – Life Through A Spiritual Lens – Do You Live According To Someone’s Rules? Are You Sure?


#856 – Life Through A Spiritual Lens – Agreements – A Key To Self-Esteem!


#855 – Life Through A Spiritual Lens – Reflections After Visiting Home Boy Industries – The “F” Word!


#854 – How Do You Live Life Through A Spiritual Lens? Stop Playing The Victim!


#853 – Can You Thrive In Life Looking Through A Spiritual Lens? And Be Fully Present & Functional?


#852 – Dating Is Like A Car – Fancy Paint Jobs Often Hide Busted Transmissions! An Explainer!


#851 – Doing The Same Thing Tends To Produce The Same Result. This Includes Dating!


#850 – A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing? Do You Know What You Are Really Looking For?


#849 – Why Bother To Take Your Time When Dating?


#848 – Politics? Religion? iPhone Or Android? Dating Is A Minefield!


#847 – Complaining About Your Lack Of Luck In Love Doesn’t Help! Here’s What Does!


#846 – Are You In A Long Distance Relationship With A Future Partner? How To Get Closer!


#845 – Are Dating Apps A Short-Cut? A Lazy Approach? Is There A Better Starting Point?


#844 – If You Don’t Support & Care About Yourself, Who Will? Stop Waiting!


#843 – Even Smart People Make Dumb Dating Choices. Here’s Why!


#842 – After The Break Up – What Must You Do So You Can Move On? Also, What Not To Do!


#841 – What Really Attracts You? Notice What You Actually Get. Ready To Change?


#840 – Honest Conversations, Ideal For A First Date? How To Start The Way You Want!


#839 – Why Loving Yourself Is The Best Way To Attract Love (And Relationship)!


#838 – Masculine Men Are Different Than Macho Men. You Need To Know.


#837 – HOW You Live Your Life IS The Expression Of Your Life Purpose.


#836 – First Date Prep! How Well Do You Really Prepare?


#835 – Make Peace With Your Past, So It Doesn’t Trip You Up In Your Future!


#834 – If You Don’t Know What You Want, You Often Get What You Don’t Want. I Explain Why This Is Good!


#833 – Are You Attracted By Love? Or By Security? Or By Loneliness? Let’s Talk!


#832 – Love Yourself, You Don’t Know How Long You Have. How My Practice Deepened Me (9/11)


#831 – Love Really Is The Answer. Here’s Why. (And A Reminder For Tomorrow).


#830 – Manipulation, Lies, Patterns And Other Toxic Relationship Traps. How To Avoid Them.


#829 – Put Your Relationship Dreams In God’s Hands? Does That Really Work?


#828 – Why Loving Yourself Is The First Thing You Do, Not The Last.


#827 – Not Asking For Help IS Weakness. Ignoring Help IS Weakness. Ask For Help & Be Strong.


#826 – Warning – The Pain & Price Of Ping-Pong Attraction. It’s A Sign Of Things To Come.


#825 – Your Dating Approach Is As Successful As The Titanic, For Good Reason!


#824 – Don’t Look For A Partner Who Is Just Eye Candy. Look (Feel) For A Partner Who Is Soul Food!


#823 – Why Coaching With Me Is Not For The Faint Of Heart. Don’t Be Scared!


#822 – Stop Asking Pointless Questions! What To Say & Ask On A “Conscious” First Date!


#821 – Do You Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away? A Healthier Way To Break Up!


#820 – Now You Have That Amazing Relationship, Is That All There Is?


#819 – Understanding Masculine & Feminine Balance, For Both Genders!


#818 – Do You Play Safe In Love? Do You Dare Leave Your Comfort Zone?


#817 – Ladies, Don’t Give Up Being Soft & Feminine. You Can Still Protect Yourself In The Dating Arena!


#816 – Self-Forgiveness Is Better For Your Health Than Kale Or Green Drinks!


#815 – Being Healthy Is Not About The Kale, Yoga Or Prayer. You Have To Face Your Inner S#it!


#814 – How Do You Deal With Life? Do You React Or Do You Respond?


#813 – How “Spiritual” Are You? Are You Spiritual On The 405?!


#812 – Do (Did) You Respect Your Partner? Do You Respect Yourself Equally?


#811 – When Will You Stop Beating Yourself Up? What Will It Take?


#810 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do? How Did You Deal With It? Is There A Better Way?


#809 – Waiting For Them To Change To Make You Feel Better Is A Losing Game!


#808 – If You Are Not Happy Being Single, You Won’t Be Happy In A Relationship!


#807 – Time Heals All Wounds? No, Time Numbs All Wounds!


#806 – The Three Words That Will Destroy Your Relationship!


#805 – Who Do You Think You Are? How This Question Affects Every Relationship!


#804 – You Thought Cat-Fishing Was A Weird Dating Term? Have You Tried Dog-Fishing?


#803 – The Reward Of Reciprocity. When The Giving Is Out Of Balance In Your Relationships.


#802 – Warning – You May Experience Some Of The Following Side Effects When Practicing Self-Love!


#801 – Your Inner Child Directs Your Dating Choices! How’s That Working For You?


#800 – Are You Someone’s Houseplant? A Dating Term That Is Painful!


#799 – Part 2 – Another Reason You Might Be A Ball-Buster In Dating And In Life!


#798 – Are You A Ball-Buster In Love And In Life? This Is Why. Do This Instead! You Will Thank Me!


#797 – Are Your Boundaries Healthy? Are They Soft Or Firm? Do You Know?


#796 – Is Your Dating Strategy Run By The Shiny Object Syndrome? Are You Someone Else’s?


#795 – In Relationship, Do You Change Yourself, Or Do You Change Them?


#794 – What To Do When The NRE Wears Off (It Will)!


#793 – Have You Weaponized Your History? How To Know, And What To Do About It.


#792 – Have You Been Love-Bombed Recently? What Is It? What To Watch For!


#791 – Can You Be Truly Authentic? Are You Ready & Willing To Pay The Price?


#790 – Do You Do Relationship On Auto-Pilot? Why You Need To Turn That Off!


#789 – What Makes A Good Man? What Is He About? Why Is He Needed?


#788 – Maybe You Can’t Love Yourself. Self-Love May Be Too Hard. Here’s Why.


#787 – Why Self-Love Is About Everyone Else!


#786 – Stop Gender-Bashing! They Are Not Your Ex! Grow Up!


#785 – They Say It Is Done To You As You Believe. If So, What Have You Been Believing?!


#784 – Life Is Better Than You Realize. Stop Complaining And Count Your Blessings.


#783 – Happily Ever After, And Other Fairy Tales/Nightmares (Was Horror Stories)!


#782 – Avoidance & Distractions – Ways To Pretend You Are OK. Let’s Talk.


#781 – Compliment or Criticism, Which Do You Hear? Which Do You Really Prefer?


#780 – Be Happy Alone. If You Do, You Will Have Much Healthier Relationships!


#779 – Feeling Empty? Here’s Why & How To Fill Up, Effectively!


#778 – You Have The Freedom To Choose. That Includes Walking Away.


#777 – Why It’s Time For Women To Step Up. Not Just Because Certain Men Are F#cked!


#776 – Men Are Screwed! Well, One Section Is. Here’s Why, And What We Can Do To Change.


#775 – Truth In Advertising Isn’t! When It Comes To Love, You Deserve Better.


#774 – Boundaries Are Not Just For Countries! Why Your Boundaries May Be Failing.


#773 – Relationship Is Optional. Here’s Why.


#772 – Why You Don’t Need A Relationship, And What You Want Do On Your Own, First.


#771 – Do You Accept Yourself? Really? Let’s Talk.


#770 – The Dark Secret To Finding Love (OK, Not Too Dark)! With an initial detour!


#769 – Toxic Masculinity & Toxic Femininity? These Labels Are Incorrect, Here’s Why.


#768 – Self-Love Isn’t Enough. Your Relationship With Your Self Requires More.


#767 – Self-Love Is So Underrated, Yet The Most Important Skill For Life. Here’s Why.


#766 – Did You Learn The First Time? Will You Learn Now?


#765 – Earthquakes & Fireworks, Metaphors For Your Love-Life? I Can Help!


#764 – Independence From Your Inner Tyrant, pt. 2 – What To Do Instead.


#763 – It’s Time To Declare Independence From Your Internal Tyrant.


#762 – Who Are You Pretending Not To Be? In Love? In Life?


#761 – Do You Have Time For A Relationship When You Are A Superhero?


#760 – How Do You Deal With Disappointments In Dating? What Is Your Due Diligence?


#759 – When You Don’t Need A Relationship Is The Best Time For One!


#758 – The Elephant In The Room, How Much Do You Depend On Others?


#757 – Are You A Rescuer, A Savior, An Enabler? You’re No Hero (Or Shero!)!


#756 – Do You Sacrifice Your Relationship With Your Self To Be With Them? No More!


#755 – One Relationship To Rule Them All! Don’t Ignore This One.


#754 – If They Disrespect You, Why Do You Stay? What Can You Do?


#753 – Self-Love & Self-Support Are Vital, Not Just For Your Relationship. Here’s Why.


#752 – Your Childhood Messed You Up For Love! Let’s Change That.


#751 – Equality In Relationship. More To Share. Let’s Go Deeper!


#750 – What Is Equality In Relationship? Can It Work? How Can You Be Equal?


#749 – Are You Being “Cookie Jarred”? Why You Don’t Want Your Date To Do This To You.


#748 – You Are Not His Mother. Stop Dating Projects. Start Dating Whole Men.


#747 – Would You Date You? How To Be A Better Date.


#746 – You Will Not Be Lonely If You Like The Person You Are Alone With.


#745 – Happy Father’s Day. Some Truths About Dads And Your Relationships.


#744 – I’m Disrupting The Codependence Status Quo. Here’s Why!


#743 – How To Heal Your Inner Wounds, So You Can Love Fully Again.


#742 – When You Fall In Love With Yourself, Everything Changes.


#741 – You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness. Let That Sink In.


#740 – The Other Kind Of Broken Agreements That We Make, And The Price We Pay.


#739 – Judgment Or Discernment. How To Tell Which You Are Using In Your Relationships.


#738 – How Do We Make Agreements When We Don’t Understand Each Other?


#737 – We Never Understand Each Other. Here’s Why.


#736 – Feeling Lonely Because You Are Single? This Is The Perfect Time To Love.


#735 – He’s Playing With You. Signs You Should Walk Way.


#734 – Never Give Up. Never Surrender. There’s A Lot More Good Ahead.


#733 – When Is Enough Enough? When Will You Stop Doing The Same Thing?


#732 – Relationships Are Work. Are You Working Harder Than Your Partner?


#731 – In Memory, What Is A Life Worth?


#730 – Happy Anniversary To Me – Not What You Think! Sharing Gratitude and A Gift For You.


#729 – Women Want Safety, Security & Stability. Men, It’s Not About Your Wallet.


#728 – Responsibility – A Vital Key To Freedom In Relationship, And When Single.


#727 – Does Your Need For Relationship Outweigh Your Desire For One?


#726 – Why Defensiveness Is A Trap. Being Conscious Is A Continual Choice.


#725 – Drop The Defensiveness, How To Consciously Deal With Your Upset And Anger.


#724 – Call Yourself Aware & Conscious? And You Still Get Upset, Defensive & Angry?


#723 – Do You Not Trust Your Relationships? Here’s Why.


#722 – How Was Your Week? Stressed Out, Wiped Out, Glad It’s Over?


#721 – The Pain (And Price) Of Bad Coaching – #screwyouguru


#720 – Better Communication – The Power Of Listening, Really Listening.


#719 – Better Communication – Ask For What You Want, The Right Way.


#718 – The Power Of Self-Honoring Choices. And The Value Too.


#717 – Pain Is A Messenger? If You Don’t Listen, It Escalates.


#716 – Rising From The Ashes, How Pain Becomes A Blessing.


#715 – Betrayal & Trust, Polar Opposites In Love?


#714 – When Swiping & Dating, What Do You Trust?


#713 – Men, How Not To Lose Her. Tips To Begin Dating Successfully.


#712 – Ladies, How Not To Lose Him (Unless…!). Tips To Begin Dating Successfully.


#711 – Build The Wall – NOT The Way To Healthy Relationship Boundaries!


#710 – Living In The Present Is Healthy. Living For The Moment Not So Much.


#709 – Are You Not Planning Your Future? Big Mistake!


#708 – Outgrowing Your Past. Don’t Go Back Again.


#707 – Does Being Single Feel Like A Failure?


#706 – Do You Give Up Your Power In Relationship? Here’s Why & What To Do.


#705 – Have You Fallen In Love…With You? Why This Is Important!


#704 – Are You A Perfectionist? Here’s One Reason Why.


#703 – Why Do People Avoid Helping Themselves Until It Is Too Late?


#702 – How Do You Really Feel? What Is Really Stopping You Having A Healthy Relationship.


#701 – What Do You Really Want? Some Powerful Tools To Find Out.


#700 – My Journey So Far. What I Have Learned.


#699 – Does Your Self-Talk Talk Back? Do You Even Notice?


#698 – #PSA Stay Connected, Reach Out, Be Heard. Suicide Is Not The Way Out.


#697 – Every Relationship Begins With You. How To Improve All Of Them.


#696 – Every Relationship Begins With You. How To Improve All Of Them.


#695 – I Am No Hero, Or Am I? What I Am, And Why I Do It.


#694 – Confusing Sex With Love. Grow Up!


#693 – Unpack Your Own Damn Bags! It’s Not Their Job!


#692 – Today is Denim Day – Why You Want To Be Wearing Jeans #denimday


#691 – Waiting For The World To Change Takes Too Long. There’s An Easier Way.


#690 – We Expect Them To Like Us. It’s Not About Them, Though.


#689 – Searching For The One? Start Close To Home.


#688 – Doing, Doing, Doing. How’s Your Being?


#687 – The One Relationship Before All Others. You Need To Know.


#686 – Coming Home To Yourself. Why It Is Vital For Your Well-Being.


#685 – Some Seek Love Blended With Pain. Some Seek Love Blended With Abuse. What Is Your Love Blend?


#684 – Feeling You Should Not Be Single? Can’t Get The Love You Want? Trying To Find The One?


#683 – Adam & Eve – Back To The Beginning! Why We Are Messed Up.


#682 – Go Ahead, Give It A Try, You Have To, But Then Again! Conscious Words Save Your Relationships.


#681 – Attention Ladies: How To Enjoy A First Date, and Have Him Enjoy It Too.


#680 – Attention Men: How To Enjoy A First Date, and Have Her Enjoy It Too. Truth Bombs Abound!


#679 – The Secret To Success With Dating Apps Is Disney?


#678 – Stop Shoulding On Yourself! More Ways You Abdicate Your Choices.


#677 – “How Come You Are Still Single?” Should You Be Offended? Here’s How To Respond.


#676 – The Power Of “I Can’t”


#675 – Why Facebook Is A Better Dating App Than Tinder


#674 – How Five Minutes A Day Will Change Your Life


#673 – Seek Truth, In Love, In Life, In Business, In Teachers


#672 – Are You Choosing A Bad Relationship Over Being Single?


#671 – You Don’t Throw Yourself At Men For Sex, But….! Dating Advice For The Single Woman.


#670 – The Cure For A Bad Breakup Is Not Numbness Or Pain-Killers!


#669 – Chasing Love, Yearning For Love, Desperate For Love. Why You Suffer. No Fooling.


#668 – Why Affirmations and Law Of Attraction Don’t Work.


#667 – The Wounding Of #metoo, And What We Can Do About It


#666 – Has #metoo Gone Too Far? And Let’s Talk About #ToxicMasculinity (or #ToxicMachoism)


#665 – The Same Relationship Mistake, Repeated, Is A Waste


#664 – It Is Time To Respect Women, Raising The Bar. Let’s Get Real.


#663 – More About Women Leading. The Time Is Now


#662 – The Power Of Your/My Subconscious Mind Is No Joke.


#661 – I Have A Dream, Of Women Running The World!


#660 – Are You Tempted By Snake Oil Selling Coaches?


#659 – Ladies, Choose Your Healing Path Carefully


#658 – Feminine Women In Power Rock!


#657 – Ladies, Do You Still Believe You Can’t Have Relationship AND Career?


#656 – The Power Of Presence. How Women Can Feel Safe To Love.


#655 – You Stay In Bad Relationships. Here’s Why.


#654 – Powerful Women v. Powerful Men. Why Dating Sucks.


#653 – Hoping For Love Sucks. Stop It! Do This Instead.


#652 – Do You React Or Do You Respond? Going Deep!


#651 – Are You Sick & Tired Of Lousy Dates? Reaction or Response?


#650 – Do You Focus On Your Good Or Your Bad?


#649 – Feminine Authority – Reflections On Captain Marvel (No Spoilers)


648 – Self-Love Is The Secret To Healthy Relationships. Here’s Why


#647 – On The Topic Of Love, Actions Speak Far Louder Than Words.


#646 – What Happens The Day After International Women’s Day?


#645 – It’s International Women’s Day. Now What? Starting A Conversation.


#644 – It’s My Birthday! I’m Answering More Of Your Questions.


#643 – Celebrating My Birthday Tomorrow By Answering Your Questions!


#642 – Guys, How Not To Be A Dick. She Will Like You More.


#641 – Identifying A Dick, And How To Avoid Them.


#640 – Man-Boys Will Be Boys? Not OK. Don’t Be A Dick!


#639 – Honesty Is The Best Policy, For Real!


#638 – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone.


#637 – Why I Love Women, And Why I Coach The Feminine.


#636 – Isn’t It Time To Raise Your Standards?


#635 – What Are You Grateful For?


#634 – Wide Or Deep? How Do You Love?


#633 – The Cure For A Bad Relationship Is Not Your Next One!


#632 – Do You Value Yourself? A Deeper Conversation.


#631 – Do You Ask For What You Want? Three Keys To Help You.


#630 – Be A Conscious Contributor. Make A Difference.


#629 – Why You Are Here – Your Dreams Are Calling! I disclose something!


#628 – You Don’t Listen! How You Can Listen Better.


#627 – The Sins Of The Father….Will Mess Up Your Love Life


#626 – Sometimes Your Second Choice & Chance Are Better Than Your First.


#625 -You Are A Superhero!


#624 – After Valentine’s Day, It’s Singles’ Self-Appreciation Day. And More.


#623 – It’s Valentine’s Day aka Singles Awareness Day aka Love Acknowledgment Day!


#622 – Valentine’s Day Survival – Do’s And Don’t’s, For Singles And Couples


#621 – What Do You Want For Valentine’s Day?


#620 – Are You Single On Valentine’s Day? Here Are Some Ways To Enjoy It.


#619 – Your Valentine’s Day Could End With A Broken Heart. What To Do.


#618 – About Those Strong, Successful, High-Achieving Women.


#617 – The Evolution Of Society And Relationship Don’t Match Up.


#616 – Do You Power Struggle In Your Relationship? What To Do.


#615 – Why Do You Keep Believing In Lies?


#614 – Knowing Isn’t Half The Battle. You Need To Do Something About It.


#613 – Are You Standing On Solid Ground?


#612 – Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?


#611 – If You’re Hurting, You Shouldn’t Be Dating, You Should Be Healing.


#610 – 10 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Want To Coach With Me!


#609 – Let’s Talk About Valentine’s Day, It Is In 2 Weeks!


#608 – Are You Crushing Your Dating Life? Playing A Numbers Game? Or Hoping Instead?


#607 – Are You In A Relationship Rut? Or Single Stuckness?


#606 – Being Single Is Freedom, And More


#605 – Stop Waiting For Someone Else To Make You Happy.


#604 – Why It’s OK (Even Good) To Be Single


#603 – Dating & The Shiny Object Syndrome


#602 – Make The Effort, Laziness Loses


#601 – Ladies, Don’t Freeze Or Settle


#600 – You Might Be Addicted To Love (Not In A Good Way)


#599 – Love Is The Most Durable Power (In Relationship) #mlkday #mlk


#598 – Are Both Genders Screwed? #toxicmachoism #metoo #toxicmasculinity


#597 – Toxic Machoism – Is There A Better Choice? #toxicmasculinity #toxicmachoism #metoo #gillette


#596 – Why Men Are Screwed, Or Not #toxicmasculinity #metoo #gillette


#595 – Why Men Are Screwed #toxicmasculinity #metoo #gillette


#594 – Stop Waiting For Love, Live!


#593 – You Can’t Love Yourself Through Someone Else


#592 – 45-50, 6’2”, 10 miles; Dating Apps WTF?


#591 – Date Someone Your Own Age?


#590 – Permission Un-Granted, Put Yourself First


#589 – Permission Granted, Now Stop Lying To Yourself!


#588 – Trigger Warning – Triggers Aren’t To Be Avoided.


#587 – Do You Choose Love For Looks? Chemistry? What’s Right?


#586 – Love At First Sight – Be Warned!


#585 – Do You Clearly See Your Year Ahead?


#584 – Is Your New Year Shine Wearing Off?


#583 – Forget Resolutions. Rock Your 2019 Instead!


#582 – Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You


#581 – 2019, The Year Of The Women?


#580 – Happy New Year – More Resolution Busting!


#579 – Happy New Year – Now What?


#578 – Wrapping Up This Year. Part 5 – What Have You Received?


#577 – Wrapping Up This Year. Part 4 – What Have You Given?


#576 – Wrapping Up This Year. Part 3 – What Have You Accomplished (Or Allowed)?


#575 – Wrapping Up This Year. Part 2 – What Are You Grateful For?


#574 – Wrapping Up This Year. Part 1 – What Do You Release?


#573 – Complaining Is Your Excuse Not To Take Action


#572 – Merry Merry! Time To Give To Yourself


#571 – Appearances Can Be Deceptive, Don’t Settle


#570 – Your Partner Should Not Be A Fixer-Upper


#569 – Remember Your Agreements With Others. You Respect Them, They Respect You


#568 – If Your Relationship Is Based On Gift Wrap, You Will Lose


#567 – Relationship, Partnership, Romance & Business. Ladies, What Say You?


#566 – Date When You Are Ready, Not When You Are Lonely!


#565 – Women, What Is Your Calling? Why Are You Here?


#564 – Women And Purpose


#563 – Do The Work, For Love (With A Warning!)


#562 – Do You Value Yourself Compared To Others?


#561 – Relationship Challenges – How Much Rope Do You Give Them?


#560 – All Show Or All Go. What I Realized About Romance (& Rejection) Today At The Jaguar Experience 


#559 – Breaking Up – A Vital Time To Love Yourself.


#558 – Swipe Right On You, Your First Choice!


#557 – Ladies, Have You Become The Man You Want To Marry?


#556 – Honesty And Integrity, Requirements For A Healthy Relationship


#555 – Partnership & Relationship. What Is The Difference?


#554 – Dating – A Numbers Game Or Is There Something More?


#553 – Don’t Get Upset Even If It’s Their Fault


#552 – Self-Image, Self-Love, Self-Support


#551 – The Curse Of The High-Achieving Woman


#550 – Are Your Standards Too High?


#549 – It’s Lonely At The Top. Being A Woman In Charge.


#548 – Till Death Do Us Part – When We Can’t Control Things


#547 – Stop Spewing Your Old S#it On Your New Partner!


#546 – Are You Done With Fair-weather Relationships?


#545 – Why Relationships Bring Up Old Patterns


#544 – “In Sickness & In Health” How Do You Love?


#543 – Owning Your History – A Testimonial Explainer


#542 – White Knight & Damsel In Distress. How To Fix The Fairy Tale!


#541 – White Knight & Damsel In Distress. Fairy Tale Love Gone Wrong!


#540 – Post-Thanksgiving – Are You Thankful Now?


#539 – Happy Thanksgiving! What Are You Thankful For?


#538 – Painting Over Rust- How Relationships Are Like Car Repair!


#537 – Make Time For You This Holiday


#536 – Home For The Holidays? Good Luck!


#535 – Compassion & Forgiveness Get You Out Of Jail


#534 – Another Lesson In Being Wrong, And How To Correct!


#533 – You Are Right. And Yet So Wrong!


#532 – Own Your History, Or Your History Will Own You!


#531 – Conflict – The Discomfort Of Disagreement


#530 – Are You A Giver Or Pusher? Receiver Or Taker?


#529 – Seeing Is Believing. Or Is It?


#528 – How To Rebuild After The Pain


#527 – When The S#it Hits The Fan, How Do You Recover?


#526 – Are You Dating Feminine Men?


#525 – Truth To Power, Even In Relationship?


#524 – Do You Settle Too Easily? Or Are You Afraid To Settle?


#523 – What Is Authentic Relationship? Why Would You Want One?


#522 – Do You Guilt Yourself For Your Past Misdeeds?


#521 – Relationships Are Like Trees! Some Branches, Some Roots.


#520 – Why I Don’t Call Myself A Coach (It’s About The Branches)


#519 – How To Accept An Apology. And How Not To!


#518 – Beyond #metoo. What’s Next?


#517 – Is Your Relationship About Tricks Or Treats?!


#516 – How Do You Know You’re Over Them?


#515 – You Said, He Heard, You Felt, He Reacted.


#514 – Women Supporting Women – WISH


#513 – Don’t Sell Out For Love


#512 – How To Win Your Relationship Arguments


#511 – All In Or All Out. No Fence Sitting.


#510 – When & Why To Update Your Facebook Status From “Single” To “In Relationship”


#509 – Boys Will Be Boys, Dicks Will Be Dicks. Something Is Coming.


#508 – If He Completes You, What Happens After Breakup?


#507 – Does Your Relationship Complete You?


#506 – See Something? Do Something. #metoo


#505 – The Masculinization Of Women. Part 6 – Take Care Of Yourself


#504 – The Masculinization Of Women. Part 5 – Stop Competing


#503 – The Masculinization Of Women. Part 4 – Softer Is Stronger


#502 – The Masculinization Of Women. Part 3 – The Future


#501 – The Masculinization Of Women. Part 2 – Relationship


#500 – The Masculinization Of Women. Part 1 – A New Conversation


#499 – He’s Not A Fixer-Upper


#498 – How Do You Support Women?


#497 – When You Work Harder Than Your Date…


#496 – When Love At First Sight, Isn’t.


#495 – The Love Revolution Begins Today. #loverevolution


#494 – Love Doesn’t Live In The Future


#493 – The Many Facets Of Love


#492 – Deep Sigh, Now What?


#491 – Rising From The Ashes, How Pain Can Become A Blessing. Stronger At The Broken Places.


#490 – Qualities Of A Conscious Man – A Starter List


#489 – It’s Not You, It’s Him, Really. Dick Pics, Rage & More.


#488 – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Don’t Panic! Wait.


#487 – Men, Listen Up.


#486 – What Can I Do Better? Took Me A While, I Got It


#485 – Blacking Out Your Profile? A Better Way.


#484 – Dating – Integrity & Due Diligence


#483 – Respect


#482 – Got Trust Issues? Here’s Why.


#481 – The Price Of Diminishing Women. #metoo Is Just The Beginning.


#480 – Women Destroying Women. Stop That S#%t!


#479 – #metoo Is Rising Up. Thankfully. Warning: I Get Real!


#478 – First Day Of Autumn, Dating Changes Preparing You For That Time.


#477 – Rash Decisions Will Cost You. A Better Way.


#476 – Ladies, Flirting Is Easier Than You Think.


#475 – Starting With A Clean Slate.


#474 – Love & Comparison. Stop Torturing Yourself!


#473 – Love & Respect. Goes Both Ways


#472 – When “No” Means “No”


#471 – When Love Becomes A Job. Let’s Talk Boundaries.


#470 – When Love Isn’t Enough. Let’s Go Deeper.


#469 – Momma’s Boys & Daddy’s Girls. Got Issues?


#468 – Are You Dating A Fraud? How Do You Know? What To Do?


#467 – How My Clients Benefit From Working With Me.


#466 – Why Self-Love Is Your Most Important Key For A Healthy Relationship.


#465 – How Well Does Your Dating App Know You?


#464 – After The Breakup. Dealing With Loss, Grief, Moving On.


#463 – Real Relationship Requires You To Be Real(ly) Responsible.


#462 – What Is Conscious Relationship? Why Would You Want One?


#461 – A Strong Man Can Handle A Strong Woman. a Weak Man Will Say She Has Attitude.


#460 – Is A New Relationship Your Best Choice?


#459 – Relationship Attraction, The Right Order.


#458 – Men, Women & Power. The C Word.


#457 – Ladies & Gentlemen, Show A Little Respect, Including Inside.


#456 – 20 Gentlemanly Behaviors – Conduct Becoming A Man.


#455 – Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Dating Apps & Sites.


#454 – The MatchMaker Scam. Know Before You Buy.


#453 – Self-Trust – The Slippery Slope Out Of Integrity! How Good Are You?


#452 – Self-Esteem – You Don’t Miss It Until You Don’t Have It.


#451 – You Trust Others More Than Yourself. Here Is Why & How To Fix It!


#450 – You Need To Learn Self-Love To Succeed In Life.


#449 – Feeling Stuck Is A Choice. Remember You Have The Key.


#448 – Are You Praying For Someone To Love You? The Big Secret!


#447 – Are You Getting Attention Or Keeping Attention? They Are Not The Same. Choose Well For Love.


#446 – #metoo, Men Step Up. If You Are A Bystander, You Are Enabling.


#445 – What Inspires You For Relationship? And What Doesn’t?


#444 – Is Your Love List Too Long? Or Too Short? Or Defaulting?


#443 – When The Chemistry Wears Off…


#442 – Do You Love With Conditions? Yes You Do.


#441 – Stop Waiting For Your Prince To Come. He Left!


#440 – Is Marriage Success? Is Divorce Or Singlehood Failure?


#439 – Cheating! Why?


#438 – Does Your Self-Esteem Get In The Way Of Love? Here’s why, and a solution.


#437 – Are You Dating Your Parents? Still? 4 Steps To Change That.


#436 – How Much Love Can You Stand? Have You Tested?


#435 – The Lies We Tell Ourselves, What To Do Instead.


#434 – Self-Love Will Change Your World.


#433 – Self-Love Really Is THE Powerful Key To Attract Love.


#432 – Dating After Breakup. What Is The Recipe For Success?


#431 – You Attract From Pain Or From Pleasure. Do You Know Which You Are Using?


#430 – Conscious Love – A Is For Accountability


#429 – There’s No There There. Look Inside For Love


#428 – Times Change. So Do People & Relationships. What To Do


#427 – Are You Looking For Love For What You Can Get, Or What You Can Give? Including #Narcissism


#426 – What You Really Want When You Seek A Coach, A Good Starter List.


#425 – Dating – Remember How It Used To Be?


#424 – Why Coaching With Me Is Way Better For You Than Simply Swiping A Dating App


#423 – Broken Agreements, The Silent Killer.


#422 – You Are Better Off Dating An Equal, If You Want More.


#421 – Scared To Fall In Love? Tired Of Being Alone? What A Quandary!


#420 – Date First Or Friends First? Why The Friend Zone Is Actually Better.


#419 – Speed Dating Pros & Cons. Other Choices.


#418 – Why Self-Love Really Is The Answer.


#417 – Heart-Break Awareness, What Are You Pretending Not To Know?


#416 – Is Facebook A Better Dating App?


#415 – Are You Being Served? It’s A Two Way Street.


#414 – Modern Dating – What Are Your Dating Standards? Warning, Going Deep.


#413 – Dating Crossroads – Why Can’t We Be Friends? Why We Can’t Be Friends.


#412 – Your Knight In Shining Armor Is Actually A Dick In Tin Foil? What To Do.


#411 – A Gift Of The Feminine Is Attraction. It’s Also A Curse.


#410 – You Have Power In Relationship. How Do You Use It? Good or Not?


#409 – Till “What” Do Us Part. Can You Still Love When Things Change?


#408 – A Relationship Won’t Make You Feel Better. That’s Up To You.


#407 – Dating Divorced Dads (And Divorced Mums)


#406 – Ladies, If You Lead, You Lose. And So Does He.


#405 – Have You Been In A Relationship You Regretted? More Than Once? Let’s Go Deep.


#404 – Blind Faith – If Only Relationship Was That Easy. (Camera went awry, audio still works)


#403 – Compassion – A Key To Successful Singlehood.


#402 – Toxic Mashoism, The Real Culprit #metoo #wakeup


#401 – Toxic Masculinity? Is It An Excuse?


#400 – Ladies, How Safe Do You Feel Around Him? And What To Do About It.


#399 – Stop. Think. Choose. Now What?


#398 – Are You Independent From Your Stuff? Or Are You A Slave?


#397 – Pay Now, Or Pay More Later. Lessons In Love


#396 – Women & Their Fathers, Men & Their Mothers


#395 – Are They Holding You Back? Staying Put For Their Sake? Not Being Supported In Your Dreams?


#394 – Ladies, An Apology. Gentlemen, An Invitation.


#393 – Ladies, You Have Been Hoodwinked! Here’s Why. And How We Can All Win.


#392 – United States 10th most dangerous country for women!


#391 – Trust Your Heart. It’s Wiser Than You Think.


#390 – You Learned More About Your Ex When You Broke Up Than When You Began.


#389 – Speak Your Truth. What Do You Have To Lose?


#388 – Want Real Love? Deal With What Is In The Way


#387 – How To Know They Are Not The One


#386 – Dick Pics? Duck Lips? What Has Online Dating Come To?


#385 – Men Chase, Women Choose. Stay In Your Lane!


#384 – Should Your Relationship Coach Be Single Or Married? Is There More Or Is That All?


#383 – Dating Terms – Heard Of Ghosting? How About Submarining? Or Zombieing?


#382 – Who Said You Had To Settle? They Lied To You. Here’s The Truth.


#381 – Gratitude – A Key To More Love And Having What You Want.


#380 – Who Do You Serve? Are You Not Being Selfish?


#379 – Sorry. Not Sorry. Don’t Fall For It. Choose Better Relationships


#378 – Dating Is Easy. Why Is It Hard To Have A Real Relationship? What To Do.


#377 – Real Relationship Is Not A Numbers Game!


#376 – Stop Waiting For Love. There Is Much To Do!


#375 – Relationship Is A Two-Way Street. Not A Freeway & Bike Path!


#374 – Game-Playing Is For Kids. Grow Up For Love.


#373 – What A Real Relationship Can Be. Interested?


#372 – Been Abused? Disrespected? Don’t Date. Dive Deep Instead. #suicideisnottheanswer


#371 – Relationship Is Not A Destination, It’s A Departure Point.


#370 – She Gets To Choose (Most Of The Time), Not You. Men, Listen Up!


#369 – Women Are Complicated, And That’s OK. Men, Listen Up!


#368 – Honor & Respect The Feminine. Men, Listen Up


#367 – Relationships Are Work. Don’t Want To Do The Work? Don’t Sign Up


#366 – Boundaries vs. Enmeshment? How To Take Better Care Of Yourself.


#365 – One Year! Don’t Rush Into Relationship, Unless You Plan To Rush Out.


#364 – You Deserve Better. No More Abuse. #peaceoverviolence


#363 – Would You Date You? Here Are Some Tips.


#362 – When Will We Learn That We Misunderstand Each Other? And What To Do About It.


#361 – Memorializing Your Lost Love? Don’t. It will only lead to pain and crushed expectations.


#360 – A Belief Is Only A Thought You Keep Thinking. This Affects Your Dating & Relationship.


#359 – Slut-Shaming pt2 – Name Calling & Labels Won’t Hurt You. Stopping Grenades! Getting Free!


#358 – Slut-Shaming, The Truth #slutshaming #amberrose #growup and yes #metoo


#357 – Love Is Not Control, This Is What Is


#356 – Stop Waiting For Someone Else (Or Validation). It’s Time. NOW.


#355 – Finding Love Is Not Hide & Seek. Hint – It’s An Inside Job


#354 – Masculine & Feminine Integration – The Next Level


#353 – Relationship As A Spiritual Practice. Let’s Go Deep!


#352 – What Partnership Can Do. What You Can Do #royalwedding #changetheworld


#351 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Especially When You Don’t Leave. Here’s What To Do.


#350 – Is Chivalry Dead, Or Just On Life Support? Keys For Both Men And Women.


#349 – Don’t Wait For Love, There’s More To Life.


#348 – If You Know What You Really Want, Why Are You Settling?


#347 – Stop Letting Your Victim Rule You. Time To Grow. #metoo #timesup


#346 – Sexual Integrity – Look Before You Leap!


#345 – Ghosting – Breaking An Unspoken Promise. #ghosting


#344 – Red Flag Advisory – Ladies, Signs That He Is Not A Mature Man.


#343 – Red Flag Advisory – They Won’t Complete You. Here’s Why. #metoo #timesup


#342 – Red Flag Advisory – Is Your Desire Beyond Your Convenience? Are You Settling?


#341 – Red Flag Advisory – Swearing You Will Never Date Someone Like That Again…Again.


#340 – Red Flag Advisory – Do They Respect You?


#339 – Red Flag Advisory – Travel Together!


#338 – What Red Flags Are Waving At You In Your Relationship? If You Are Single, Listen Up.


#337 – Choice – Stay Safe In An OK Relationship, Or Stay Single Until You Get What You Really Want?


#336 – Never Forgive Them. That’s The Way To Hell. Want Better?


#335 – Do You Lie To Yourself In Relationship? Here’s Why And What To Do.


#334 – Facebook Is Launching A Dating Feature. Ladies, Listen Up.


#333 – Don’t Chase Love. Open Up To Love. And Don’t Blindly Give It Away.


#332 – Coaching Is Being Your Helicopter. I’ll Explain.


#331 – Ladies, Do You Keep Dating Weak Men? Here’s Why. And Some Answers.


#330 – Stay Or Leave. Men Are Scared To Commit, Either Way. Includes Ghosting & Cheating.


#329 – What Don’t You Want? A Key For Singles Seeking Relationship.


#328 – Self-Love To Attract Love. A Path To Relationship.


#327 – Embodying The Qualities Of A Fully Expressed Romance. While You’re Single.


#326 – M/F not MF! A Powerful Key To Awakened Romance. And Some Self-Disclosure.


#325 – Healing From Heartbreak. There Are Less Effective Ways. And A Better Way.


#324 – Saturday Night (FB) Live! More About Harassment. What Happened To Respect?


#323 – #metoo #timesup Alleged Sexual Harassers Get Comeback? And Coachella Isn’t Safe For Women.


#322 – Counter Offer For Love? Stand For What You Really Want. Raise The Bar. Don’t Settle.


#321 – Is Love Too Painful? Afraid Of Loving Fully Again? I’m Here To Help.


#320 – Why Do You Ignore You? The Pain Of CoDependence. How To Change.


#319 – The Victory Of Being Single. Learn To Love Yourself First. Let’s Talk.


#318 – Men Are Lazy, Don’t Make It Easy For Us!


#317 – Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?


#316 – Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? Why This Might Be A Nightmare.
Plot A New Course –


#315 – Men, Stop Being A Victim Of Your Libido.
#metoo #tonyrobbins #timesup #sexism #sexist #clueless #puritanicalbias #growup #respect #respectwomen #equality #truth #timeforchange


#314 – You’re A Strong Woman. Why Settle For A Weak Man?


#313 – Stop Blaming Others For Your Dating Woes. Do Something.


#312 – Stop The Shame. You’ve Made Mistakes. Now What?


#311 – Women Are Waking Up. They Deserve Better. Men, Own Your Calling, Stop Making Your Partner Be It.


#310 – Milady, Are You More Powerful/Successful Than Your Man?


#309 – When Are You Done With Being Right? Ego vs. Heart. Which do you follow?


#308 – Do You Believe In Love? Or Do You Believe In Pain?


#307 – You will not be saved. It is up to you. You are your own s/hero.


#306 – Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Especially In Relationship.


#305 – Are You Still Invested In Your Baggage?


#304 – Happy Easter – It’s Begin Again Day! Don’t Repeat The Past.


#303 – Happy Holiday Weekend – New Beginnings For Love. You Are More Than You Think.


#302 – What To Say To Someone Who Says They Want To Be With You, While Being With Another.


#301 – What Do You Really Want? Are You Willing To Pay The Price?


#300 – What Is The Divine Feminine? Why Is It Needed Now, More Than Ever?


#299 – No Is Respectful. No Is Not Rejection.


#298 – When Should You Be Ready For Love? Is There A Time?


#297 – Ladies, Are You Taking The Driver’s Seat? Not A Good Idea.


#296 – Be Your Best You, Reflections On The Expo. Oops, I Exposed My Manifesto!


#295 – Relating The Real. Broken Promises, Truth & Lies. Even Dick Pics?


#294 – The Muse And The Masculine. How The Feminine Inspires Our Lives.


#293 – What They Think Of You May Be A Lot Better Than You Know. A Self-Esteem Booster!


#292 – Healing Yourself Leads To Real Love. This Is Real Talk With The Love Doctor!


#291 – Adventures Of A Single Relationship Expert – Dating and Matching. Insight into the awakened masculine.


#290 – It’s Never About The Toothpaste Or The Toilet Paper!


#289 – Do You Take Care Of Yourself For Their Sake? Do You Stop Taking Care Of Yourself Once In Love?


#288 – Do You Avoid Yourself In Love? Are You A Self-Avoider?


#287 – Blind Dates, Referral Dates, Match Dates. Before You Date, Do This.


#286 – Women’s Lib Ruined You For Relationship And Dating. Here’s Why.


#285 – Are You Faking It? Be Real For Love, It’s Easier For Many Reasons.


#284 – Stop Making An Ass Of Yourself. Let’s Talk About Rejection Too.


#283 – I’ll Take Care Of You. Really? Let’s Talk (part 2)


#282 – I’ll Take Care Of You. Really? Let’s Talk.


#281 – What If Relationships Are To Get To Know Other People, Rather Than To Satisfy A Void In You?


#280 – International Women’s Day. Now What? Warning, there’s homework!


#279 – It’s My Birthday. Reflecting On Love, And Embodying Both Masculine & Feminine.


#278 – Ladies, Are You Putting All Your Eggs In One Relationship?


#277 – Have You Ever Wanted To Go Back To The Way It Was? Let’s Go Deep.


#276 – What Sort Of Movie Would Your Love Life Be Like? Oscar edition.


#275 – The Diminishing Of Women, And The Damage It Causes.


#274 – The Demonizing Of Men, And The Damage It Causes.


#273 – True Love Is Not A Numbers Game. Why The Numbers Game Sucks.


#272 – Ladies, This Is How Not To Get Your Man! And The Best Way To Get Yours.


#271 – Ladies Over 45, Don’t Deny Your Libido!


#270 – Your Future Relationship Won’t Fix Your Past Pain.


#269 – Who Do You Trust For Love Advice? How’s Your Heart?


#268 – You Know You’re Dating A Narcissist If…!


#267 – Fear And Dating – Are You Nervous To Date? Here’s Why.


#266 – A Guide To Dating In The #metoo Era.


#265 – A Surprise Of Black Panther – Respect For Women. #wakandaforever #respectwomen #blackpanther


#264 – The Abdication Of Men, Part 3 – Don’t Push, Don’t Control. No More Beta, Learn To Lead.


#263 – The Abdication Of Men, Part 2 – Speak Up, Own Up, Stand Up.


#262 – The Abdication Of Men, Part 1 – Brotherhood, Respect, Gentlemen Please.


#261 – Let’s Talk About The Vagina Monologues And #metoo


#260 – Why A Relationship Expert Or Coach May Be Right For You.


#259 – Do You Have a Valentine’s Day Hangover? Here’s Your Cure!


#258 – Happy Valentine’s Day. Attention: Singles, I Have Good News!


#257 – Tomorrow Is Valentine’s Day. Here’s Your Singles’ Survival Guide!


#256 – Two Days Till Valentine’s Day. Are You Ready? Keys To Enjoy V-Day While Single, And More!


#255 – Single With Three Days Till Valentine’s Day? So Many Choices!


#254 – Single? With Four Days Till Valentine’s Day? OMG! Don’t Panic!


#253 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do There’s A Hard Way, And There’s A Better Way. Take Notes.


#252 – Say Yes To Love, Unless … Dropping More Truth Bombs!


#251 – No Means What? Part 2 – people pleasing and more.


#250 – While You Were Dating – No Means What? #metoo


#249 – Social Media & Dating. The Good & The Bad.


#248 – Relationship – Partnership Or Opposition? The Trap Of Codependency.


#247 – Lets Talk About Ghosting!


#246 – An Invitation To The Feminine. #yearofthefeminine #metoo #timesup


#245 – How We Men Can Respond To Women Around #metoo


#244 – Are You Done Playing Games In Dating? Here’s How.


#243 – How Can We Connect In The #timesup #metoo Era?


#242 – Healing Your Wounds. Stop Self Blame, Heartache Can End.


#241 – Stop Blaming Others For Your Dating Woes. Here’s the power you have, that you deny.


#240 – I Am A Passionate Champion For The Divine Feminine. An Explainer (and a Manifesto?). #metoo #timesup


#239 – Why I Do What I Do, Why I Love Doing It. Witness my unexpected epiphany!


#238 – Why Men Lose Their Way In Relationship.


#237 – Now We Are In The #metoo Era, How Do We Date?


#236 – Dating For Grownups. Here’s Some Starter Ideas.


#235 – Pain Pushes Till Vision Pulls – how this changes to your dating choices.


#234 – Reality Check: Have You Stayed Longer Than You Should?


#233 – How Deep Will You Commit? Relationships For Serious People.


#232 – Manners Maketh The Man. Ladies Listen Up. #metoo #timesup


#231 – Betrayal, The Wound That Festers. How To Heal.


#230 – The Comparison Trap Sucks! Going Deeper. Here is Your Solution.


#229 – The Blame Game Sucks! Here’s Why. I Offer A Better Way.


#228 – MLK Day, I Dream Of Gender Equality. Judge By Character Not By Appearance.


#227 – Did You Graduate From Your Last Relationship? Seven Indicators To Help You.


#226 – Tired Of Dating Failure? Don’t Trust Your Own Judgment? Where Are All The Good Men?


#225 – Even Strong Women Make Dating Mistakes. Truth To EmPower.


#224 – Dating Is Like Gardening, You Get Out What You Put In.


#223 – Clues Your First Date Should Be His Last! And Vice Versa. For Your Heart.


#222 – #timesup On Suffering. It’s Time For The Healing Journey #metoo


#221 – Men, Stop Being A Dick, Grow Some Balls. #timesup


#220 – Break-Up – Break Down, Break Through, Or Repeat. You Choose.


#219 – Relationships Are Like Presents. Do You Fall For The Gift-Wrap?


#218 – No Means No! It Doesn’t Mean Anything Else. A Deeper Look.


#217 – You’re Too Much. Shutup. Quiet Down. Be A Docile Woman. You’ve Been Lied To.


#216 – Why Are Men Emotionally Unavailable To Good Women? Are We Settling?


#215 – Why Do Heartfelt Women Choose Emotionally Unavailable Men?


#214 – Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2018? I’ll share mine.


#213 – Stop Cursing 2017 – 5th Key To Rock Your 2018!


#212 – Releasing (stop throttling your intentions) – 4th Key To Rock Your 2018!


#211 – 2018 is the year of Mastery. What will you bring?


#210 – Feeling It – 3rd Key To Rock Your 2018!


#209 – Vision Board How-To – 2nd Key To Rock Your 2018!


#208 – New Year’s Resolutions? Or Intentions? 1st Key To Rock Your 2018!


#207 – Whole-Hearted At The Holidays While Alone. A Christmas Gift and Reminder.


#206 – Happy Holidays, With Homework! Do your homework: Love, honor and cherish YOU!


#205 – More Home (Work) For The Holidays! Especially if you are alone.


#204 – Home (Work) for the Holidays – Three Gifts!


#203 – Why Do Good Women Choose Bad Men?


#202 – Why Self-Love Is Vital To A Healthy Relationship.


#201 – Men, How To Treat A Lady.


#200 – What It Takes To Last In Love. A conscious beginner’s list!


#199 – Why Would You Choose A Convenient Relationship? And A Few Good Reasons Why Not.


#198 – For The Ladies, You Are Not Over Him If…


#197 – Flirting And Sexual Harassment. There Is A Difference.


#196 – What Is Partnership? Part 6 – Nobility and Reality.


#195 – What Is Partnership? Part 5 – Take A Break, Don’t Be A Victim.


#194 – What Is Partnership? Part 4 – Bring The Light.


#193 – What Is Partnership? Part 3 – Honor The Differences.


#192 – Ladies, You Are Invited, As The Awakened Feminine.


#191 – What Is Partnership? Part 2 – Mutually Assured Elation.


#190 – What Is Partnership?


#189 – The Rise Of The Divine Feminine. Men, Wake The F#ck Up!


#188 – Relationship Is Easy, So Why Invest In Coaching?


#187 – In Love, Do You Choose Road Blocks Or Unmapped Territory? Let’s Talk!


#186 – Ladies, Act Your Age.


#185 – Don’t Ask For What You Don’t Have. A Dating Tip, And More.


#184 – Which Voice Runs You?


#183 – Abuse. Why Are You Ashamed?


#182 – Getting What You Want, The Right Way. Includes Insight into Sexual Harassment.


#181 – Surrender In Relationship. Surrender In Love.


#180 – When Harry Met Meghan! Prince & Actress, Kings & Queens. Oh My!


#179 – Why Are You Here? Why You Are Here. We need the Feminine, now.


#178 – You Assume Too Much, Especially In Relationship. Referencing my book!


#177 – Stop The Insanity. Abuse is hereditary. How you can help. #metoo #abuse #healing #hereditary #counsel #love #help


#176 – Ladies, Escape The Malebox, Now!


#175 – Happy Thanksgiving! How was your day? How is your GQ?


#174 – Will Your Thanksgiving Be Thank-Full? Here’s a helpful guide to raise your GQ – Gratitude Quotient.


#173 – Get Over It? Be Prepared For Thanksgiving. Four tips to make your trip home more comfortable.


#172 – Boundaries, Billboards & Betrayal! Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?


#171 – Ladies – Soften, Trust, Embrace. Yes, you will appreciate this!


#170 – Ladies, second guessing yourself? Pros and Cons.


#169 – What They Think Of You Is None Of Your Business.


#168 – Don’t Pay The Price Being A Female Entrepreneur.


#167 – Feminine Authority Is Needed, Now. What Is It?


#166 – Feminine Authority Is Needed, Now. What Is It?


#165 – Thinking or Feeling? How do you love? Is it all in your mind? Do you know how to feel vs. emote?


#164 – Stop Pretending For Love. Act Natural On Your First Date & Beyond.


#163 – RESPECT. It’s time. #metoo


#162 – Using the “F bomb” for healthier relationships.


#161 – What Is It To Be Truly Single? Easier? Harder? Freeing? Boring? Exciting?


#160 – The Price You Pay For Love. What It Can Cost You, And How To Stop It!


#159 – The love you want isn’t out there. Here’s why. Bonus – three ways you can heal yourself.


#158 – Let’s stop the soulmate bulls#it!


#157 – Stop Taking Poison Hoping They Will Die. Stop Being A Victim.


#156 – Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places. Find It The Right Way (Actually Two Ways).


#155 – Your Past Relationship Will Ruin Your Next One Unless You Do This.


#154 – Dropping The Mask, How Men Can Step Up.


#153 – Don’t Believe Everything You Think! Giving You At Least 3 MASSIVE Keys to Think Better.


#152 – Come As You Are, No Disguise Or Costume Required. Let’s Go Deep.


#151 – Relationships need more T&A.


#150 – May You Never Find Your Other Half!


#149 – Fence Sitting Hurts, Commit Or Walk Away.


#148 – Men Are Lazy. Yet We Work So Hard. What Does This Mean In Relationship?


#147 – When the loving gets rough. When do you stay? When do you leave? Including a little soulmate exposé.


#146 – What happened to you is not your fault. What happens now…is up to you.


#145 – What Will You Give Up For Love? Your Dignity? Your Dreams? Your Safety?


#144 – He Has To Have Money, To Have A Beauty Like Her. A Match Made To Fail.


#143 – You Can Have Anyone You Want. Why Don’t You? Are You Settling?


#142 – What Lights You Up? What Inspires You In Relationship?


#141 – No apologies. Pray and pay, what does that have to do with love?


#140 – Golden Rule Of Love – Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say. A little healing reminder included.


#139 – Thanksgiving and #metoo. A Match Made In Hell? Sharing Some Sage Advice.


#138 – Taking the “#metoo” conversation deeper, with more support. Is it time to let yourself out of prison?


#137 – Speaking To “#metoo,” The Pain, Hurt & Offering My Support.


#136 – Are Your Eyes Even Open To Love?


#135 – Finding A Relationship Is Easy, Finding THE Relationship Starts With You. Two Keys That Help You Get The Love You Want.


#134 – It’s Friday Night. Who Are You Swiping Right On For This Weekend? Start With You.


#133 – Dating In The Paddling Pool? Ready To Dive Deep In Love? This Is Why You Stay In The Shallow End.


#132 – About Sexual Harassment, Part 2 – How It Relates To You.


#131 – Talking About Sexual Harassment.


#130 – Powerful Women Deserve Powerful Men. Or Do They?


#129 – Messages From The Masculine #129: Does It Hurt When I Do This? aka. Why You Blow Up On Your New Lover.


#128 – When It Comes To Dating, You Think Too Much! Part 2


#127 – When It Comes To Dating, You Think Too Much!


#126 – You Might Be Dating A Dick, If He Does This. Five things to watch out for. Five things to look for!


#125 – The Masculine Man Stands For Something, Something Good.


#124 – Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match?


#123 – Marriage and Engagement Are Not Convenient


#122 – Rejection, The Art Of Release


#121 – Thank Your Ex, You Are Better Because Of Them…IF


#120 – Dating Sites & Apps Will Fail You, If You Don’t Do THIS First.


#119 – Ladies, All The Good Ones Are Not Taken!


#118 – Why Are You Still Dating Like A Teen?


#117 – What Will You Sacrifice For Love? Let’s Talk!


#116 – One Day Your Prince Will Find Someone Else. Thankfully!


#115 – Why Do People Stay In Bad Relationships? Why Do You?


#114 – Why Be Single? Isn’t It Better To Be Coupled?


#113 – Why Are YOU Chasing Relationship? This Is The Right (or Better) Reason.


#112 – Can You Have An Authentic Relationship? What Does It Take?


#111 – Ladies, Put Down That Dating App! You’re Doing It Backwards.


#110 – Desperate Is, As Desperate Does. The fool’s way to date.


#109 – Boundaries, WTF? How you stop being hurt and abused.


#108 – We Can’t Be Loved Until We Love Ourselves. Watch this, there’s homework!


#107 – Stop Dating Like A Child! Yes, you!


#106 – Success and Failure, How Men and Women Celebrate Differently.


#105 – When She Yells, He Shuts Down. Why?


#104 – Putting it out there is not the answer. Here’s what is…


#103 – Women are stronger than men. Here’s why.


#102 – Women are the weaker sex. Bull$#it!


#101 – Ladies, she is not your competition. She is your ally.


#100 – Stop Living In Reality, It’s An Illusion!


#99 – You Have So Much Choice For Relationship! Why Do You Limit Yourself?


#98 – What is the price of love? Are you willing to invest?


#97 – Can You Risk Being Real On Dates? Time To Stop Pretending?


#96 – Don’t date out of loneliness. Stay single.


#95 – Are Men Patient Enough? Talking about purpose, love and more.


#94 – Dating Apps – What They Are & What They Are Not.


#93 – Relationships – the best place to grow? Or to stay the same?


#92 – Ladies, You Deserve Respect. Starting a conversation.


#91 – How Does A Strong, Successful Woman Attract The Right Man?


#90 – Ladies, do you embody your elegance?


#89 – You Don’t Need Relationship Guidance . . . If


#88 – Ladies, Let Men Be Men 


#87 – Forgiveness – A Master Key To Free Your Heart 


#86 – You Weren’t Born With Instructions! Why Love (and Life) Can Feel Challenging. 


#85 – Are You Ready For The Real? 


#84 – The Polished Man (#PolishedMan), and about that little green bottle. 


#83 – Are You Afraid To Love? 


#82 – Why do people equate love & romance with drama & dysfunction? 


#81 – Conflict: How The Awakened Masculine Man Responds 


#80 – Are You Done Being The Victim? Here’s How. 


#79 – Why I Am A Champion For The Divine Feminine. 


#78 – What are your deal-breakers? Are they short-term or long-term? Are they real? 


#77 – Still Settling? Why? 


#76 – Ladies, learn how to use dating apps the right way. 


#75 – Men, Want It Both Ways? With added thoughts about current events! 


#74 – Ladies, Want It Both Ways? 


#73 – #Charlottesville, perspective from a deeper place? 


#72 – Monogamy -or- Is One Not Enough? 


#71 – At Least 5 Qualities Of The Evolved Feminine 


#70 – At Least 5 Qualities Of The Evolved Masculine 


#69 – It’s Time To Give Up “The Man Of The House” & “The Little Lady” 


#68 – Ladies, I Am A Man, And I’m Here To Help! 


#67 – Stop Pretending Not To Know! 


#66 – Ladies, Be Led or Controlled? 


#65 – Ladies, Fed Up With Whiny Men? 


#64 – Truth In Advertising When Dating? 


#63 – Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Like This? 


#62 – Letting Go To Let Miracles Happen! 


#61 – Are You Suffering From The “All The Good Ones Are Taken” Syndrome? 


#60 – Relationship Challenge – Wanting To Stay The Same 


#59 – Still Waiting For Your Prince? 


#58 – Self-Abuse Is Optional 


#57 – Sacred or Sexual? Either? Both? 


#56 – To Give, Or Receive? 


#55 – Pushing Or Pulling, What’s Your Default? 


#54 – You’re Trying Too Hard 


#53 – Oops, I Did It Again! 


#52 – When The Reality Doesn’t Match The Fantasy​​ 


#51 – Stop Telling Stories​​ 


#50 – Woman, Know Your Place!​​ 


#49 – Is Being In Relationship A Good Thing?​​ 


#48 – You Don’t Deserve A Gentleman… ​​ 


#47 – Is Being Single A Good Thing? ​​ 


#46 – Staying Safe, Playing Small ​​ 


#45 – Be A Strong Woman, The Right Way ​​ 


#44 – A Voice For The Feminine ​​ 


#43 – You Won’t Respect Him… ​​ 


#42 – Be More Loving. You Deserve It. ​​ 


#41 – He Won’t Respect You… ​​ 


#40 – How NOT To Be A Dick ​​ 


#39 – Don’t Be A Dick ​​ 


#38 – You Are Enough ​​ 


#37 – Feminine Vision ​​ 


#36 – Gift Wrap or Content? ​​ 


#35 – Why Me? ​​ 


#34 – Rinse & Repeat Romance – It doesn’t work. ​​ 


#33 – Embrace Freedom In Love! ​​ 


#32 – Let men hunt ​​ 


#31 – Dating apps aren’t built for women ​​ 


#30 – Single Parent Dating ​​ 


#29 – Bullying In Relationship, includes ball busting ​​ 


#28 – Ladies, Are You Independently Fierce? ​​ 


#27 – Feminine Mysticism and Magnetism ​​ 


#26 – Feminine Sovereignty ​​ 


#25 – Why Men Stop! ​​ 


#24 – Feminine Shamanism ​​ 


#23 – Ladies, you want a man with purpose ​​ 


#22 – An apology, a reminder, a suggestion ​​ 


#21 – Ladies, you deserve the best, not what’s next ​ 


#20 – Time to step up, by first stepping in ​ 


#19 – Being a ball buster doesn’t serve you 


#18 – All The Good Ones Are Taken. NOT!​


#17 – Death, Demons and Destiny​


#16 – Where Is The Love?​


#15 – You found your match, he is “The One ” Now what? ​


#14 – What Makes A Gentleman? ​


#13 – International Women’s Day, A Man’s View


#12 – My Own Story


#11 – V-Day Is Over, Now What? Featuring 5 Love Languages Insight


#10 – Your Dating Mistake #1 – Wishful Thinking (And A Few Solutions!)


#9 – Ladies, We Men Don’t Emote Like You


#8 – Ladies, You Deserve A Gentleman


#7 – Post Pink Pussy March


#6 – A Message Of Hope, And More.


#5 – Ladies, Stop Becoming Men (Part 2)


#4 – Ladies, Stop Becoming Men (Part 1)


#3 – Ladies, You Are Strong


#2 – Ladies, Dream Bigger


#1 – An Invitation: Ladies, stop playing at 80%