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Masculinity, Femininity. A Conversation. Barry Selby & Gina Brogan

The Start Up Celebrity Show with Elyse Anne

Men, Misogyny and Bullying

Women and Men are different. Yet we don't act that way.

Macho, the undeveloped Masculine

Ladies, Be Yourself, Please

Barry Selby & Sylvana Kozak on How To Create Your Ideal Relationship

With a couple of friends, LoveTrendz was created as a series of video vignettes, bite-sized tips and entertaining insights about dating and relationships.

As consultant and expert, I was joined by Rebecca Whitman-Boldi as host and fellow expert, and her husband Tony Boldi as producer, director and cameraman. We shot the series on an iPhone, and we had fun providing these video clips.

Enjoy each of these conversations.

LT000: Introduction/Teaser


LT001: The Bigger Better Deal


LT002: Become The Right Person


LT003: Fencing, Dancing And Romance


LT004: Courting All The Time


LT005: Texting vs. Calling In Romance


LT006: Dating On A Budget


LT007: About Rebecca


LT008: About Barry


LT009: Healthy Choices


LT010: How Men And Women Are Attracted


LT011: 90-Day Rule


LT012: Whale Tale Faking Pregnancy


LT013: 3 Day Rule


LT014: Office Romance


LT015: Friends With Benefits


LT016: Mail vs. Email


LT017: Giving Your Key To Them


LT018: When To Say I Love You


LT019: Hanging Out